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Katy Perry discusses almost featuring on David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’

After the digital festival Tomorrowland Around The World and the special performance of the superstar singer Katy Perry, the organizers of the Belgian festival took advantage of this moment to hold a virtual conference between the singer and big names in the scene such as David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas, Steve Aoki, and NERVO. Among one of the subjects commented on was Perry’s surprising statement about having received the Titanium demo for possible participation in the music. In that sense, Katy Perry asks Guetta:

“Do you remember when, like almost 10 years ago, you feel me‘ Titanium? ’This is when you had Sia, obviously from Zero 7, you know, who had already had the coolest success — she had demo’d that record. And you’d feel it to me and I remember specifically listening to it on the plane, I was like, ‘Oh my god, this song is so good. Who is the person on the record? They should stay on the freakin ’record. This is a hit record; don’t put me on the record! Keep Sia on this record! ‘”

Even with this statement, it cannot be said that the participation of the Californian singer would result in the same impact brought by Sia, as the incredible feat of reaching the No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2011. What can be said is that almost ten years after its launch, Titanium can be considered the timeless track that is marked not only in the history of electronic music but also in musical culture as a whole.


Image Credit: David Guetta / Provided by Creamfields PR

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