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Katy Perry set for surprise Tomorrowland Around the World performance

As we all know by now, Tomorrowland has leaned towards bringing more pop-influenced acts to their festival. Starting with Dua Lipa, they’ve also had Bebe Rexha perform showing that they’re exploring other genres that cross over to the EDM world sometimes. In a surprise announcement, they took to social media to announce that pop princess Katy Perry would be performing at the Around the World digital festival experience on July 25.

It’s definitely not an announcement people expected, although it is something fresh and unique. In a tweet, Martin Garrix video called the songstress welcoming her to the festival and discussing what it’s all about and what it means for her to be there. Explaining that she had seen it growing up over the years, she had always been blown away by the mainstage design each year. Talking about how she’s seen some of the digital renders that the Tomorrowland team have been putting together for the fans who have bought tickets so far, everyone is bound to be nothing short of impressed by the world that they’ve created in place of the real gathering in Boom, Belgium.

Katy Perry has always leaned into the idea of playing at Tomorrowland, and has carefully crafted a setlist that never loses momentum because – as she states- that’s the most important part of playing at Tomorrowland. She will be performing some of her greatest hits along with music from her upcoming album ‘Smile’, due out on 14 August. You can still buy tickets for the festival here.


Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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