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Lane 8 unites with Kidnap for sophomore collaboration ‘Matcha Mistake’: Listen

Lane 8 and Kidnap are two producers with a great working relationship. Bouncing off of each other with their creative ideas and musical knowledge, they’ve had a track out on famed label Anjunadeep back in 2017 titled ‘Aba’ and it’s still a big hit to this day. Proving that they work incredibly well together, they’ve decided to continue by releasing their second official collaboration.

‘Matcha Mistake’ came into creation when Kidnap took a trip to Denver to visit Lane 8 at the end of last year. Sharing deep talks and stories from their careers, they also made a lot of music together (hopefully that means more collaborations from the pair in the near future) and part of the music was this track. The name comes from a ‘mind bending incident’ with some powerful matcha that the duo had.

Feeling out of this world, ‘Matcha Mistake’ takes the listener to other dimensions whilst lifting them up with euphoric vibes. Keeping in touch with the progressive, trance-like vibes that each artist retains in their signature sound, it’s a perfect concoction of spacey synths and breathtaking sound design that will leave you speechless. Definitely something to fall into a trance to as you focus on nothing but the track, it proves that Lane 8 and Kidnap were destined to work together.

Out on This Never Happened, Lane 8’s label, ‘Matcha Mistake’ is one of those tracks that will find a special place in your heart, and you can listen to it on Spotify below and all music streaming platforms here.


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