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List of plugins currently used by Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is one of those musical characters who is known or heard by practically everyone over the last five years. The Dutchman is definitely one of the biggest stars not only of EDM but of the entire music industry. Most of his productions are hits on a global scale, generating hundreds of millions of views on all streaming platforms. Martin in his tracks proves that he has above-average production skills and does not limit himself to one style, creating hits in such genres as a big room (Animals,Tremor), future bass (In the Name of Love), progressive house (Pizza) or dance-pop (Summer Days ft. Macklemore, Fall Out Boy). We decided to trace social media, YouTube videos, and interviews to find the best VST plugins used by Martin Garrix. Also, don’t forget to check out our Plugins & Sample Pack Charts where we list the best alternatives in each category.


The five best plugins used by Martin Garrix:

1. LennarDigital Sylenth1 – €139.00

2. Reveal Sound Spire$189.00

3. Xfer Records Serum$189.00 [Read below to get 25% off on presets]

4. Spectrasonics Omnisphere – $499.00

5. Soundtoys Little AlterBoy – $99.00

If you make it to the end of the article, you find another shortlist of 5 more plugins by Martin Garrix!


1. LennarDigital Sylenth1 – €139.00

The Sylenth1 is an ideal polyphonic synthesizer for producing EDM tracks. This plugin permits you to make incredible sounding patches rapidly and effortlessly, a methodology that loans itself well to upgrading imagination and smoothing out the work process. Its interface adjusts perfect and straightforward usefulness with astonishing sound quality, joined with an all-around structured preset library that plays to the entirety of its qualities. Here we’ll investigate the segments of LennarDigital’s Sylenth1, give a review of its highlights, and give you a feeling of its abilities. Its probably the most used VST plugin ever and it’s hard to find an artist, who never used Sylenth1. Martin Garrix has expressed his love for the VST quite a few many times. Also here are some of the best presets in the market that will help you achieve a similar sound as his future bass/pop tracks.


Secret Cinema demonstrating Sylenth1:


2. Reveal Sound Spire$189.00

Spire is a polyphonic programming synthesizer that consolidates amazing sound motor adjustment and adaptable engineering, the graphical interface gives unmatched convenience, the encapsulation of the best chances, inside programming, and equipment synthesizers. The plugin features 4x multimode polymorphing oscillators, spread unison voices by chords and octaves, 2x multimode filters with analog and digital types of filtering, and a lot more!


Spire trailer:


3. Xfer Records Serum$189.00

Serum is a wavetable programming synthesizer module made by Xfer Records. It utilizes wavetable union to make electronic sounds. VST is notable for its clever LFO Tool which gives music makers the imaginative opportunity to make tremolo, auto-skillet, sidechain pressure, among other cool highlights, including the notorious dubstep wobble impacts. Serum is a sampler too. You can make new and one of a kind sound with Serum, including taking examples from vocals or instruments and adjusting them with the wavetable supervisor to make new sounds. Also, presets are not only great to speed up your workflow but also help you in improving your sound design as you can look into how a particular sound was made. Here is a vast collection of high-quality serum presets(use code “WERAVEYOU” on checkout to get 25% off) to help you achieve the sound you want to.


Watch Serum in action on Virtual Riot’s tutorial:


4. Spectrasonics Omnisphere – $499.00

Omnisphere is the leader synthesizer of Spectrasonics – an instrument of unprecedented force and adaptability. Module bolsters a recently overhauled, high-goal interface with help for HiDPI shows and includes over 1,600 new patches created by Eric Persing and the eminent Spectrasonics Sound Development group. Omnisphere is the main programming synth on the planet to offer a Hardware Synth Integration highlight. This wonderful development changes more than 65 notable equipment synthesizers into broad hands-on controllers that open Omnisphere’s recently extended amalgamation abilities. Basically, this weighty component causes utilizing Omnisphere to feel simply like utilizing an equipment synth! By spanning the physical experience hole among programming and equipment, clients deal with Omnisphere by utilizing the recognizable format of their bolstered equipment synth. Omnisphere is definitely a beast and a tough one to master as well. With so many parameters in place, it’s important to have full information about the parameters to make the most out of the plugin. Here’s a course that goes in-depth of what each parameter does and how you can use it to shape your sound.


A full presentation of the Omnisphere 2.5:


5. Soundtoys Little AlterBoy – $99.00

Little AlterBoys is a monophonic voice manipulator, in easier words – it’s a tool for dramatic voice alteration. Using this plug-in you can change the pitch of a voice, change the singer’s gender with formant shifting, control the vocal’s melody using MIDI for the creative vocoder or get that “hard tune” effect heard in countless hip hop and pop hits. It’s a hugely powerful way to find new directions and drive new ideas.


Little AlterBoy’s introduction:


Martin Garrix also utilizes in his productions the following plugins:

1. Native Instruments Massive – €149.00

2. iZotope Ozone – $499.00 

3. Valhalla DSP Plugins Valhalla Room – $50.00

4. FabFilter Pro-Q 3 – $179.00

5. Imagine Line Maximus – €179.00


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Information sources: Martin’s YouTube videos, Q&A and post from Instagram/Instastories, interviews, and ADE 2017 Masterclass performance

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