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Live Nation forced to cancel drive-in events due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic has definitely changed the whole world and our perception of it. We were all forced to adapt to the new normal and the event industry is no exception at it. Taking a really bad punch, with all of the events and festivals being cancelled in the past couple of months, promoters and organisers were trying to find new ways of keeping the music industry alive and entertaining people as close as possible to the way that they’re used to. One of the companies that’s hugely involved in all of this is of course Live Nation. A company as big as them, with hundreds of events each year really wasn’t expecting a crisis like this. Their quarterly revenue was down by 20% to $1.37B and of course the company had to face budget cuts and staff’s salary reductions.

To fight all of this Live Nation was planning on organising various drive-in events this summer. Due to the rise of the reported cases of Coronavirus, the decision has been made that these events sadly won’t be taking place. To name some of the artists that were expected to perform at the events – The Streets, Dizzee Rascal, Sigala and many others. Drive-in concerts were supposed to take place in 12 different cities across England and Scotland. But with the Coronavirus numbers on the rise once again, some cities were forced to go back into lockdown once again, so of course a successful execution an event like this wouldn’t be possible there.

First city to go back into lockdown was the city of Leicester, UK. Social gatherings were extremely limited and fines would be given out to anyone who wouldn’t obey the law. As the Coronavirus cases continue to spike, people are preparing themselves for the possible shut down of the regular day to day life again. Stay safe, follow the regulations and hopefully we will get through this pandemic soon.

Image Credit: Jona on Unsplash

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