Massive Attack tackle global issues with gripping new EP ‘EUTOPIA’

After teasing audio on their social media last week, popular English group Massive Attack have dropped a 3-track audiovisual EP called ‘EUTOPIA’.

Sharing cryptic visuals and snippets of audio across Twitter and Instagram the other day, Massive Attack fans were stirred into a frenzy to believe new music was on the way; little did they realise that it would be released so soon. The new project attempts to tackle global, structural issues, and is inspired by Thomas More’s 16th century book ‘Utopia’. Telling compelling stories with their unique sound and unusual aesthetic, every track was released with its own gripping music video. The concept behind the EP seems to have stemmed from the lockdown period, as they had this to say about their brilliant work on ‘EUTOPIA’;

“Lockdown exposed the best aspects and worst flaws of humanity. That period of uncertainty and anxiety forced us to meditate on the obvious need to change the damaging systems we live by.  By working with three experts, we’ve created a sonic and visual dialogue around these issues; taking the form of climate emergency, tax haven extraction and Universal Basic Income.”

‘EUTOPIA’ sees Massive Attack collaborate with three other entities with Young Fathers, Algiers and Saul Williams also featuring on the powerful audiovisual EP. Be sure to check out each of the tracks and their videos as we share the new EP with you below!

Image Credit: Technique PR

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