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Hot Since ‘91: How Ministry of Sound redefined dance music culture [Magazine Featured]

Upon reading the words of ‘Ministry of Sound’, an image or memory will instantly pop to your mind, such is the global strength of the brand as a whole. The brain may float towards those videos you’d always see on MTV’s TV channels, such as Fedde Le Grand’s Put Your Hands Up For Detroit or the infamously iconic ‘Call On Me’ by Eric Prydz. Perhaps you’ll recall jamming with friends in the car to ‘Look Right Through’ during the ‘deep-house era’ or grabbing your copy of ‘The Annual’ via a double or even treble CD compilation from your local HMV or similar. Maybe you’ll recall many-a-wavy evening in London’s iconic club of the same name, now a global institution of UK nightlife for tourists and natives alike. During an almost triple-decade long span, the beauty of MoS rests in the brand’s diversity, with each party goer, music lover and raver around the world possessing their own individual story of ‘what Ministry means to me’. With this mind, we decided to take a look back at 29 years at the top, thanks to the insight of three of the label’s key figures:

Dipesh Parmar – President
Amassing a 20 years career with Ministry of Sound, Dipesh Parmar has utilised a great ear in the world of A&R to progress through every facet of the brand, up to the newly appointed position of President.

Amy Wheatley – General Manager
Previously working as the head of marketing at Three Six Zero, Amy joined Ministry of Sound in 2017 and oversees the marketing and digital operations of the business.

Negla Abdela – Head of Digital Marketing
Heading up the digital side of the operation is Negla, whose expertise in curation and artist rosters has helped Ministry of Sound to excel in the world of online engagement.



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