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Nicky Romero delivers insane live set and visuals in virtual experience ‘Another World’: Watch

This week, Nicky Romero took us on an unprecedented musical journey as he arrived with possibly his biggest set of the year, as part of his crazy virtual experience ‘Another World’. With new music, remixes and next-level visuals in his arsenal, the set went live on Thursday night and was something to behold. Teaming up with Visual Lab, Romero performed a DJ set in a dazzling virtual environment that was constantly changing behind him, creating a spectacle fitting for some of his most iconic tunes.

Opening up with a mouth-watering intro edit of ‘I Need You To Know’, his new single with Armin van Buuren, Romero set the precedent for what was to come in his set early on, following up with two glorious tracks from upcoming French producer Almero. He then arrived with what is thought to be his 2020 remix of his classic anthem ‘Toulouse’ as the visuals transformed around him in emphatic style.

As a supporter of mashup talent on Protocol Radio, Romero also played out edits from some of the the most creative minds about, featuring work from the likes of J-Kerz, Feurte, Stardaze and B-Rather among others. It was also an opportunity for the Dutchman to showcase some of the shining releases that have come from his Protocol Records label this year, with tracks from Trilane, Timmo Hendricks and Kura making the tracklist among others.

The stream wouldn’t have been complete without some of Nicky Romero’s finest productions and releases from the past year or so with special visual programming in place for tracks such as ‘Falling’, ‘Burning’ and ‘Stay’.  Ending the performance in style, he then combined the vocals of Avicii’s ‘Without You’ with his Deniz Koyu collaboration ‘Destiny‘ as he did at the end of his Tomorrowland 2019 set. Out of all the live streams we have seen over the lockdown period, this is definitely one of the stand-out ones with an emphatic combination of music and visuals. Rewarding his loyal fans during a difficult year, Nicky Romero stream was sure on ‘Another World’.


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