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Porter Robinson reveals news on anticipated album ‘Nurture’

Porter Robinson has just teased news of his newest anticipated album ‘Nurture’.  ‘Nurture’ will be Robinson’s second studio album since his debut album ‘Worlds Remixed’ in 2015.  Throughout the year, Robinson has released two singles from the album entitled ‘Get Your Wish’ and ‘Something Comforting.  While there is no official release date for the album, Robinson tweeted that he will be resuming the making of ‘Nurture’.

After the release of ‘Worlds Remixed’, Robinson stopped making music for a while, citing bouts of depression as the reasoning.  While he was taking care of his mental health, he managed to release a few singles in between such as his collaboration with Madeon entitled ‘Shelter’.  In 2017, he revealed his newest project under the alias Virtual Self in which he released a five-track EP.

It wasn’t until January 2020 that Robinson made his grand and long-awaited return.  In a letter to his fans, he stated,

“I realized I shouldn’t write music with the expectation that the productivity or achievement will fix my problems, but instead with the hope that my honest expression will move people the way music moves me. So when I was really struggling to write and it seemed impossible, instead of thinking, ‘You’re struggling because you’re a fraud, you’re clearly not cut out for this,’ I began to tell myself, ‘Yeah, this is what you sacrifice.'”

Since the release of the respective singles, Robinson has participated in the virtual festival Secret Sky. You can watch the incredible performance here.

We’re so excited to hear that Nurture is off pause, and we’ll keep anxiously waiting at the edge of their seats for the full ‘Nurture’ album.  Until then, you can listen to the released singles below.

Listen to ‘Get Your Wish’ below:

Listen to ‘Something Comforting’ below:

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Image Credit: Rukes.com