DJ Snake Malaa

Rezz & Grabbitz – Someone Else (Malaa Remix)

The Canadian Space Mom known as Rezz is a genre-bending producer who has quickly risen to the top of the music industry. From sharing her contagious sound which focuses on bass-heavy and minimal tech compositions, this dark producer recently teamed up with Grabbitz on Someone Else to intertwine both rock and bass house into one hypnotic single. Now if there was one masked bass house connoisseur to call upon to initiate a whole new vibe to the single, it is no other than Malaa. Being the first ever official remix of a Rezz track, Malaa has just welcomed his listeners into a mystic, yet groovy world of bass house with his remix of “Someone Else.” For all those representing Malaa Nation, you may want to get out your bottle of Jack Daniels for this one.

Flowing directly into a subtle slow-tempo instrumental which builds the momentum, amplified vocals from Grabbitz flow immaculately. As a series of drum claps and distorted melodies take over, Malaa’s bass-house signature brings out that solid groove we all need in our lives. Incorporating the perfect amount of distorted vocal elements and a tech house inspired backdrop, if there was a single to help you get over that “Someone Else” while dancing the night away, Malaa has just provided it. While it is clear Malaa has retained the emotion instilled in the single by Rezz and Grabbitz, this dance-floor ready remix has definitely done Rezz justice.

Listen to the single below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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