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Thys of Noisia hints at the existence of a duo project with Skrillex

Skrillex and Thys from legendary group Noisia have had a long working relationship together throughout their careers. Remixing tunes together (such as josh pan Dylan Brady’s ‘Supersonic’) and making their own original collaborations, Skrillex continually cites Noisia as a massive source of inspiration throughout his career, and now Thys has potentially confirmed some exciting news regarding a new project that may or may not be a side duo with Skrillex.

Taking to Twitter for a Q&A session, a fan asked (which you can see below) what exactly ILY is, and he replied saying “It’s the question that binds us together. @Skrillex”.

Although this is quite vague and doesn’t exactly confirm that a side duo project is happening, it’s the next tweet that truly caught the attention of both artist’s fanbases. The same fan then replied and assumed it was a collab group, and interestingly enough Thys was not quick to deny it – in fact he didn’t deny it at all.

So what we’ve gathered from this reply is that ILY is a likely duo project name (or maybe even a track title for any upcoming collaborations) and we could expect more B2B sets like the one from OOST Nightclub in Groningen, Netherlands back in February of this year. No stranger to collaborative DJ projects, Skrillex has had Jack Ü with Diplo and has Dog Blood with Boys Noize currently. Thys obviously had Noisia with Nik Roos and Martijn van Sondere, and also has Dotcrawl with turntablist YoVinyl. With Noisia splitting up (their farewell tour is rescheduled to 2021 currently), Skrillex and Thys definitely have more time to work on whatever ILY will turn out to be, and we can’t wait for the result. Until we hear more news of this exciting new project, you can listen to the OOST Nightclub B2B set on SoundCloud here as a teaser of whats to come.

Image Credit: Skrillex (María José Govea) / Noisia (Wikipedia)


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