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Steve Aoki launches new Latin America label ‘Dim Mak En Fuego’

Iconic DJ/producer Steve Aoki, also head of Dim Mak Records just launched a brand new record label specifically for Latin music called Dim Mak En Fuego. The new label also enlists the help of Bryan Linares to serve as Head of Marketing, and Christian Herrara, co-founder of Gasolina Party, a series of touring reggaeton concerts.

The announcement comes along with the news of the labels first self-proclaimed “anti-boy band” signee, AQUIHAYAQUIHAY, a five-person Monterrey-based R&B/Pop group.  They debuted their first single “Ya No Es Igual” on the label along with the following statement from Aoki.

“I’m honored to be part of a platform for the next generation of Latinx artists. There are so many unique hybrid sounds brewing up right now, pushing music culture forward. AQUIHAYAQUIHAY are the real deal and they capture what we’re trying to do here at Dim Mak En Fuego.”

Aoki also added the importance of the integration of Latin music within Dim Mak,

“Nowadays, it’s not just the Latin community that is impacted by Latin music, there are so many people that don’t speak a lick of Spanish that now know the lyrics to the songs. I was born in Miami, grew up in Southern California, where the second [biggest] language here is Spanish. If you’re not learning how to speak Spanish… you at least grow up with an understanding of Latin culture.”

We’re super excited to see the future of Dim Mak En Fuego!

Click here to visit Dim Mak’s official website.

Listen to AQUIHAYAQUIHAY’s ‘Ya No Es Igual’ below:

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