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Tchami teases ZHU collaboration in new ‘Confessions’ interview series

In an insightful new confession-based interview series, Tchami unravels the minds of some of the artists on his label Confession, and in it he may also have just teased an upcoming release with ZHU.

Confession has fast become one of the most respected new labels on the scene as he continues to tour with the it and its incredible artists. Now, in a new YouTube series, you can begin to learn more about the artists under the Frenchman’s label in his new ‘Confessions’ Interview videos. The first episode is with French rapper Vald, and he will sure have more acts in the pipeline for the rest of 2020 for you to enjoy.

The interview itself wasn’t the only thing of note in the first video, however, as the opening titles rolled in accompanied by a mystery track thought to be that of an upcoming Tchami & ZHU collaboration. We wonder if the track will remain as the opening music for the series and if that indicates its release is close on the horizon. Rumours are certainly boosted by the fact the American ZHU recently teased that there are new songs on the way this month.

One thing is for sure, its sounds absolutely magnificent and we can’t wait to see Tchami and ZHU put a release date put on it sometime soon. Tchami just released the first four tracks of his upcoming debut album Year Zero, including the sublime tracks ‘Buenos Aires’, ‘Proud’, ‘Born Again’ and ‘Ghosts’.

Whilst we await more news on the album and the collaboration, be sure to check out his refreshing new YouTube series and the first Confessions Interview with Vald below!


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