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The Chainsmokers reveal their work on producing an original film and score

The Chainsmokers have been working on new music, but not in the way you might think as Alex and Drew have revealed they are working on an upcoming original film and score. The film, named ‘Words on Bathroom Walls’, will follow a teenage character called Adam as he discovers he has Schizophrenia and has to navigate the rest of his high school years in battle against his mental illness. The film is set to feature an array of established acting talent including names such as Charlie Plummer, Andy Garcia, Taylor Russell, and AnnaSophia Rob. 

Adapted for screenplay from a book written by Julia Walton, the duo were inspired to produce a film after the release of their 2017 hit single ‘Paris’. The electronic music act already have experience in visual productions, having started their own production company ‘Kick The Habit’ and in producing the TV series and music drama ‘Demo’. 

In the recently-released film trailer, though the music is different to what we are used to hearing from them, you can tell that the boys have had their musical handprints all over this production. Applying more of a focus to the on-going drama of the movie, the score is sure to aid perfectly in telling such a raw and emotional story about one of the very heavy topics that exists in our modern world.

The Chainsmokers are set to release the original film on July 31st, so before then be sure to check out the trailer for ‘Words on Bathroom Walls’ below!


Image Credit: Miller Mobley / Provided by Vanessa Menkes Communications



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