Tommy Trash Tomorrowland 2014

Tommy Trash makes long awaited return with ‘So Long’ featuring Thief

July 17 can be known as the joyous day that Tommy Trash and his music finally came back into our lives. The electronic music world has been slightly empty without a stream of releases from the Australian legend but now we don’t have to wait any longer. Being known with introducing Australian dance music to the world, it’s been a whole two years since we’ve heard any new music from him but ‘So Long’ is breaking through the silence in an epic way. We all know that he can cut through genres and isn’t bound to any rules that genres set, but this track is a fun mix of pop and house.

Featuring vocals from fellow Aussie Thief, he brings the uplifting pop element to go hand in hand with the house style, and it makes for an overall strong production. Definitely a summer anthem for the ages, we couldn’t be more delighted with Tommy’s returning track and we’re sure his core fans will agree. Inspiring a whole new generation of young producers, this will be the track to inspire even more budding talents and the music world feels brighter with this track.

I wrote this song a long time ago before going through a big change in my life. It now feels really pertinent to our times. I’m glad to finally get this out into the world.”

We can expect more from Tommy Trash this year thankfully, and we can’t wait to hear what else he’s got in store for us to make up for two years of radio silence! Listen to ‘So Long’ below on Spotify.


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