Tomorrowland Around The World

Tomorrowland Around The World: the weekend in numbers

Over the past weekend, Tomorrowland debuted their Tomorrowland Around The World digital festival, and it’s safe to say it was a smash hit unlike anything ever done before. Located on the island of Pāpiliōnem, viewers were transported to a whole other world unlike anything they had ever visited before to party at familiar stages and some new ones. Revolutionising the digital festival space, the 3D technology along with the DJ performances made for something truly unforgettable, and now the numbers are in regarding the festival weekend.

First of all, over a massive one million people bought tickets and tuned in to the sets live. With people visiting from all over the globe (Japan, Mexico, Iceland, America and beyond) it felt like a real, in person version of the festival we all know and love with everyone united as one. Some people who had never got to experience the real festival just yet felt part of the Tomorrowland family for the very first time.

For each DJ to record their set, they were placed in a studio behind a green screen and managed to perform just like they would to a real crowd. To do this, four green screens in Belgium, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo and Sydney were set up and full-sized DJ booths were created. The sets were 6m or higher, at least 8m wide, and at least 8m in depth to recreate the big scale effect.

To get all of the different angles we saw during each electrifying set, up to 38 cameras were used (with 6 being ultra 4K HD). The digital 3D world of Tomorrowland Around the World has 10 times more polygons and lights compared to a modern computer game, and there were more than 750 virtual lamps per stage, all drawn by hand. In another impressive number, more than 300 TB (equal to 329.853.597.770.307 bytes) of raw footage was collected. Tens of different render engines worked for 4 weeks (and 24/7) to process all the immense number of data.

To get the festival ready in time, the team worked with over 200 experts to do what would normally take 2 years in just 3 months. Definitely one of the biggest things that has ever happened in the digital world this year, Tomorrowland worked extremely hard to ensure we could enjoy the festival to the fullest. If you bought a ticket, you can access the relive platform from Wednesday July 29, or you can buy a relive ticket here. You can also view all of our set reviews here.

Image credit: Tomorrowland official Twitter page

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