Tomorrowland 2019

Tomorrowland offer new packages for ‘Around the World’ digital festival

Since announcing their digital festivalTomorrowland has whipped up a lot of hype surrounding it and what it will be like. Announcing their full line-up and stage splits, and now where it will take place (creating a brand new island to keep in theme with their unmatchable story telling), their tickets are selling at a rapid pace. To get fans even more in the mood for virtual Tomorrowland, they’ve sold some extra special new packages to make it feel even more like the iconic Belgian paradise.

Now, to make it feel even more like a festival, they announced three packages: food & drinks packages, home party boxes and camping tents. The food and drink packages feature food cooked exactly like within the restaurants in the festival (in which you have to book in advance), and have the following available (please note shipment for these are only available in Belgium):

Brasa BBQ experience – meat and fish

Brasa BBQ experience – veggie

Messa taco & cocktail experience

All of these luxury packages range from €36 pp to €37,50 and feature a big luxury menu that will make your mouth water. The around the world cocktail box and Tomorrowland’s beverage selection are pricier, with prices ranging from €65 to €80 but come with things such as vodka, Tomorrowland limited edition cups, Havana Club Especia and much more goodies.

To top things off, the home party boxes come in two sizes and price ranges: silver and gold, and each one offer some unique items which are must-haves to get the full experience. If you want to really go all the way, then you can purchase an official Tomorrowland tent which have only been previously available at the festival grounds themselves.

To see all packages and offers, click the link in the tweet below.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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