Axwell & Ingrosso, Jack U, Disclosure, The Chainsmokers

Top 10: The Greatest DJ Groups of the 2010s

A topic sure to cause some debate is always one centred around ‘the best’ of any category. The best tracks, best festivals, best DJs… whatever it is, there is always the opportunity to argue for and against certain decisions. The reason for that is often that the decisions are made on instinctive judgement but without much specificity in the process. That is why we are opening a can of worms by bringing a new Top 10: The Greatest DJ Groups of the 2010s.

What we have done, however, is create a three-strand metric to base the ranking on:
Impact on the scene: the amount of influence both the group, their members, and their music have had on the music scene, both within dance music and beyond
Longevity: as simple as it sounds; whether their music has stood the test of time
Identity: the originality of the group’s music and the way that helps to form their identity as artists; how they are perceived and appreciated for their image within the scene.

Though these factors in their own nature are subjective, the process has been scrutinised and debated for hours and hours between electronic music fanatics to initially whittle down from 20 to 10, and decide upon the order. Allegiances have been set aside, firm favourites have been left out, and even artists that we may not personally favour have been included. Opinions have been left at the door, and this Top 10 is an objective list of The Greatest DJ Groups of the 2010s. Now, we must give an honourable mention to a few DJ groups that just missed out.


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Image Credits: The Chainsmokers (Billboard) / Jack U Press / Axwell & Ingrosso (via Twitter) / Disclosure (2013 Press Photo)

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