Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw deliver a high-energy set during their only show of the summer at Arena Now

Yellow Claw has been absolutely destroying their virtual sets in the best way possible across the globe which range from EDC Las Vegas’s Virtual Rave-A-Thon and Tomorrowland’s Around The World. Providing hope that we are getting closer to experiencing the in-person show setting and top-notch visual production while maintaining safety precautions, the organizations behind Germany’s iconic venue Bootshaus and the Lanxess Arena have teamed up to host a weekly Arena Now event. World-famous DJs such as Felix JaehnDon Diablo and W&W have already been on stage in the previous weeks and just recently Yellow Claw played a high-energy set filled with their trap-infused production style for a crowd of 2000 visitors at Arena Now.

With all of the shows selling out just in a few minutes, those craving Yellow Claw’s signature hard-trap sound were in for a treat this past Saturday. Showcasing the crowd going off to both their classic tunes and new singles on their official Instagram post, attendees are seen dancing at a 1.5-meter distance from each other as well as the presence of face masks to ensure public health and safety are at the forefront of each event. Pumping up the crowd with their festival-ready energy we all need in our lives, Yellow Claw clearly lived in the moment during the iconic show and were enthusiastic to be playing their only show of the summer at Arena Now. A feeling truly undescribable for both Yellow Claw and attendees at the venue, we can only hope for more shows for this power-duo in the near future.

Check out highlights from Yellow Claw’s set below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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