Yotto – Another Riff For The Good Times/Daydreaming

Yotto makes a grand return to Anjunadeep with new EP ‘Another Riff For The Good Times/Daydreaming’.  The EP consists of two new pumping melodies along with their respective extended mix tracks. Yotto (real name Otto Yliperttula) made his Anjunadeep debut back in 2015 with the dual-single ‘Memento/Azzuro’ and has since made a name for himself within the deep house world.

The Finnish DJ/producer is also noted to have worked with artists such as Lane 8, Coldplay, London Grammar, Above & Beyond, and M83, just to name a few. He has also enlisted on the help of his younger brother, who goes by the name of Caps, a singer who’s vocals are on the track ‘Wondering’.

‘Another Riff For The Good Times’ is delightfully refreshing in its ability to stand on its own, but the added support of chord progressions that come out of nowhere is the icing on the cake.  The beginning of the sound features a little chirping synth that pops its head out within each measure, staying consistent throughout the track. Once the bassline changes to introduce the “the riff for the good time”, so does the entire mood of the track. The second track ‘Daydreaming’ is more uptempo and groovy, consisting of a plethora of themes and tunes weaved throughout the track. The synths range from high-frequency synths that drag from beat to beat, to a crunchy bassline.

Listen to Yotto’s ‘Another Riff For The Good Times/Daydreaming’ below:


Image Credit: Rukes.com