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Avicii’s fourth and final EP Avīci (01) turns 3 years old

It’s 2017, you can step out of your homes whenever you want and your favorite festivals & raves aren’t falling down like pieces of a domino set. On top of that, Avicii just released his fourth EP Avīci (01) with some refreshed and reenergized tunes based on his happy, upbeat progressive style. As fellow electronic music fans, we all wish we could relive those days but it is funny how time flies so quickly. In fact, Avīci (01) has just turned 3 years old, and now its time to remember the astonishing work of the Swedish legend on this masterpiece.

After retiring temporarily from touring in 2016, Avicii didn’t release any new tracks for the remaining part of the year. In June 2017, Rita Ora debuted a semi-acoustic version of “Lonely Together” following which, Tim teased all his singles from the EP and claimed –

“I’m really excited to be back with music once again. It has been a long time since I released anything and a long time since I was this excited over new music! My focus on this first EP of the album was to get a mix of new and old songs: some that fans have been asking about and waiting for mixed with brand new songs that they have never been heard before!”

Out of the six tracks, Without You with Sandro Cavazza and Lonely Together with Rita Ora were the standout features from Avīci (01) for which, Avicii received a lot of appreciation and critical admiration. Although other tracks were not as widely praised as some of his legendary hits, the EP as a whole reflected uplifting energy and characteristic infectious melodies from the artist.

Go check out the complete EP here –

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