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BREAKING: Nicky Romero confirms that he has contracted COVID-19

Dutch DJ and producer Nicky Romero has just confirmed he has contracted COVID-19. The Protocol Recordings boss took a COVID-19 test as a precaution after coming back from Germany, having noticed that he had some slight symptoms relating his sense of taste. Beyond this, the legendary artist hasn’t had many other issues and he feels well and healthy.

As a result of testing positive, Nicky has cancelled all of his upcoming events. Therefore, his next two scheduled shows at Texel for Het Strand van 2020 have been put aside, after some incredible performances last week. His team is already looking for a new date, which most probably will be around October. As for this weekend, he will be replaced by Quintino.

Nicky talked with Dutch news agency ANP to give an update about his current condition “I feel fine. I don’t cough, I don’t sneeze. Last week I wakeboarded and did a lot of sports… ”  and explained why he decided to get tested:

“When I come to a country where it is very hot and there is a lot of air conditioning, I quickly get problems with my cavities. Now with that heat wave in the Netherlands, the air conditioners are always at maximum power. So I thought: there we have it again. But my cheese sandwich tasted less good because of the problems with smelling and tasting, so I thought: I will have myself tested… I planned to get tested for corona after the shows I thought, but it is also about other people’s health. I was supposed to provide two shows for 120 people on Friday. Talking with the organisation, I decided to be cautious. And so you see: you can also carry the virus with you without severe complaints.”

Nicky Romero explained that he doesn’t know how he caught the coronavirus “My last show was in Bonn and I was in Berlin for a video shoot at the beginning of this week, but I might as well have caught it in the supermarket. You just don’t know. I have followed all the rules and always kept my distance”. At the time he admitted he felt sorry for his fans that expected to see him play this weekend; “I am particularly disappointed for the people who had a nice day planned, not so much for myself.”

But do not fear, as Nicky feels good and in shape. He will just have to be quarantined and stay at his home for a week, until he gets tested again. “Fortunately I have a studio, gym, jacuzzi and sauna at home. So I can do everything there, it’s just a little less fun.” He even had time to joke about the situation stating; “Who knows, that might yield another corona song”.


Image Credit: Kevin Anthony Canales


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