BT vs Emma Hewitt – No Warning Lights (Remixes)

Little we knew that when the Grammy-nominated trance legend BT and Australian singer songwriter Emma Hewitt teamed up to present their epic brand new trackNo Warning Lights‘, they would also release the remix package too. However, this is a fact and we have received this great extra gift. The original song and its incredible remix package are out now and you can find them via Black Hole Recordings.

The remix pack consists of 3 edits produced by 3 icons such as German-Scottish DJ and producer Andy Duguid, American and Switzerland-based artist Sean Tyas and above them, we find the remix by Arty‘s trance side project Alpha 9. To complete this, they’ve included the extended versions of these three edits, so DJs will rest assured as they will be able to use them in their sets and mixes.

Andy’s remix presents an emotional vision of the track, taking advantage of the great acoustic sounds of the original song like the string ensemble that accompany the vocals, bring an insane amount of melancholic power in it. Then, suddenly, before the drop kicks in, the song changes its tone adopting a more percussive and constant rhythm. Sean Tyas’ version of ‘No Warning Lights’ is more progressive trance material with a classic pitched up tempo of 138 BPM that would simply be a perfect fit at any ASOT performance. Finally, Alpha 9 delivers a more relaxed and chilled remix that still bring a lot of energy while keeping the Alpha 9 essence and personality. However, the Russian made sure that the emotionality of the track prevailed and the outcome has been absolutely fantastic.

Overall, we could not pick a favourite, as the three remixes are different but equally amazing. Each artist has used their own style and tools to create a very solid and great remix pack.

Listen to BT vs Emma Hewitt – No Warning Lights (Remixes) below:


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