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Lane 8 & Yotto join forces for deep/progressive house masterpiece ‘Buggy’: Listen

Lane 8 and Yotto return with another single entitled ‘Buggy’. ‘Buggy’ comes right after Lane 8 and Yotto released ‘I/Y’ late last month.

Lane 8 (real name Daniel Goldstein) walked into 2020 with the explosive release of his third studio album ‘Brightest Lights’ in which he teamed up with POLIÇA and Arctic Lake, which was released on his own record label ‘This Never Happened’.  A few memorable tracks from the album include ‘Just’ and the title track ‘Brightest Lights’. Upon release, he also announced a ‘Brightest Lights’ tour, in which many scheduled shows have been postponed due to the current global pandemic. Much like Goldstein, Yotto (real name Otto Yliperttula) has also been at the frontend of 2020 with releases such as his EP entitled ‘Another Riff For The Good Times / Daydreaming’ and other singles, including one with Lane 8 called ‘I/Y’.

‘Buggy’ is an organic feel-good groove that sticks to one main melodic theme throughout the duration of the song, with the exception of small enhancements placed generously within the track. For the final go-round of the melody, we’re sucked in with a razor-sharp bassline underneath the main theme with an emphasis on the little chirps and flutters that present themselves.

Check out Lane 8 & Yotto’s new single ‘Buggy’ below:


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