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Calvin Harris drops Amazon Music exclusive Love Regenerator remix and playlist

‘The Summer Sessions’ playlists, released via Amazon Music, which has so far seen the likes of Martin Garrix, Disclosure, and Kygo release exclusive playlists, has now added Calvin Harris to its star-studded release list, as he dons his Love Regenerator alias to showcase his musical taste.

The playlists are filled with each artist’s favourite summer anthems, ranging from classic dance tracks to modern festival bangers, so if you’ve ever wondered what music holds a special place in the heart of your favourite artist, ‘The Summer Sessions’ playlists might be worth checking out.

Each playlist also includes an Amazon Music exclusive original or remix. The Love Regenerator exclusive comes in the form of the Steve Lacy collaboration ‘Live Without Your Love (Solardo Ball Bass Remix)’, which gives a healthy increase to the energy (and number of eighties nostalgia-inducing synths) of the original, whilst maintaining its undeniable atmosphere.

Commenting on the release, Harris said:

“I’m excited to be a part of Amazon Music’s Summer Sessions campaign again, this year brought to you by Love Regenerator. It features big tunes from some of my favourites over the years plus an exclusive Solardo remix of my latest single, ‘Live Without Your Love,’” 

Amazon Music announced the release on Twitter:

If you’re a fan of the Love Regenerator sound, this playlist and remix are not ones to be missed. Stream or purchase Love Regenerator and Steve Lacy’s Live Without Your Love (Solardo Ball Bass Remix)’ on Amazon Music here, or stream Harris’ exclusive ‘The Summer Sessions’ playlist here.

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