CamelPhat – Hypercolour (ARTBAT Remix)

CamelPhat insane track ‘Hypercolour‘ has been remixed by ARTBAT, and as you can imagine it’s unbelievably good. This ARTBAT remix comes after their collaborative single with CamelPhat entitled ‘For A Feeling’ that was released earlier this year.

Ukrainian duo ARTBAT (names Artur and Batish) have been gaining popularity over the years, first with their release of ‘Mandrake’ that found its way to Beatport’s overall Top 100. From there, they’ve had explosive success with following tracks such as ‘Uplift’ and ‘Tabu’. Famously enough, they’ve managed to reach an even bigger audience with the release of their remix to Monolink’s ‘Return To Oz’, which has found its way to viral TikToks and graced main-stages worldwide. On the other hand, British duo CamelPhat (consisting of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala) has had mounting success over the years as well, gaining a huge rise in popularity with their 2017 release of Cola which charted in both UK Single Chart and UK Dance Chart.

ARTBAT’s remix of ‘Hypercolour’ is a thrill of a track that expands and contracts with anticipation. The arrangement of this song is where the magic hides. For 8 minutes and thirty-three seconds, you’re taken on a sonic adventure that leaves no stone unturned. From complete silence to lingering synths, to melodic vocals and chords paired as perfect as a lock and key.

Listen to this magnificent ARTBAT remix below:

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Image Credit: ARTBAT (Press)