Carl Cox

Carl Cox unveils exclusive mix for Awesome Soundwave label

The combination of Carl Cox and Christopher Coe as label chiefs at Awesome Soundwave has so far proven to be a resounding success. Fusing Coe’s intricate intelligence of live electronic music and Cox’s well-established knowledge of the scene was essential upon founding the label back in 2018, with the Awesome Soundwave name continuing to grow exponentially in the past couple of years. With a wealth of artists and sounds on the label – all focusing their time into live performances rather than your typical DJ set – now is the perfect time for this mix to drop, with tracks in the mix exclusively from the label.

Imprint regulars feature in bulk on this 19-track collection, with music lifted from album releases in the past year or two. The likes of Julian Chaptal, Saytek, and Mat Playford feature heavily, alongside music from Honeysmack, Hannes Bieger, The Upstarters, and label co-boss Christopher Coe himself. Mixed by Cox for the Awesome Soundwave LIVE series presented by Beatport earlier in the year, the compilation highlights the abundance of talent that is signed to the label. At the hands of Carl Cox, those 19 tracks are blended seamlessly to create one journey through the live sounds that Awesome Soundwave is becoming so highly regarded for.

Listen to Carl Cox Mixes Awesome Soundwave now below, and keep an eye out for some exclusive Carl Cox news in the coming weeks.


Image Credit: Carl Cox / Provided by Measure PR UK

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