Disclosure perform wondrous Cercle set in Croatian Forest

Overlooking the serene Plitvice Lakes National Park, brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence of Disclosure performed a memorable, live-streamed DJ set in collaboration with Cercle this week.

Also supported by Amazon Music, the iconic UK electronic music duo brought us their finest set yet, teasing new music from their upcoming LP called ‘ENERGY’. Not only did they bring us fresh music from their third studio album but they also cued tunes that were perfect for the view as they enjoyed the freedom of DJing in the lush environment of a UNESCO World Heritage registered site. On such a prestigious location, the pair had to take extra precautions, however, and were not allowed to use speakers to respect the local Croatian wildlife. Despite the slight set back, The Lawrence brothers were still able to flawlessly mix tracks from the likes of Tom VR, Malin Genie and Tennyson along with their latest single ‘Douha (Mali Mali)’. 

Cercle continue to lead the way in the world of music live streaming, boasting a plethora of past performances from illustrious artists over the past few years. So far in 2020, they have teamed up with The Blaze and ZHU, and had to postpone a live stream with Bob Sinclar until a later date.

If you missed this week’s performance, you can watch the full 1 hour 30 minute performance from Disclosure in partnership with Cercle on Facebook here.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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