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Distant Dancefloors documentary details the impact of coronavirus on electronic music

A new documentary called ‘Distant Dancefloors’ has been released by Pioneer DJ, detailing the economical, psychological and social impact COVID-19 has had on global club culture.

Released on the 5th August, the film offers a 360-insight into the consequences of the pandemic upon our industry. With commentary from artists, industry experts and fans alike, we get to see how they have had no option but to adapt how they operate during these difficult times. Blond:ish, Eats Everything, Honey Dijon, Luciano and Rebuke are just some of the artists that offer their opinions and stories in the documentaries with additional comment from industry insiders such as Kevin Watson, Author of the International Music Summit Business Report and Paul Reed the Association of Festivals.

Distant Dancefloors seeks answers to some of the most troubling questions moving forward towards some form of normality. Will streaming remain popular once we return to clubs? Is this a chance to change the industry for the better? What has been the impact felt by the hundreds and thousands of people whose livelihoods depend on the industry? Can the dancefloor exist in a time of social distancing?

The documentary definitely offers up some food for thought, so if it sounds like something that may interest you, be sure to check out the 30-minute documentary, ‘Distant Dancefloors’, below!




Photo by Ayana Wyse on Unsplash

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