Dust of Apollon

Dust of Apollon – Hold On To Me

Hailing from Berlin, Germany, where the electronic scene is booming, Dust of Apollon is a young talent who has plenty to offer to the scene. Growing up surrounded by multiple musical influences, his mother educated him on the music of the 60s and 70s whereas his father was the one to introduce him to the electronic scene, having been extremely active within the Berlin techno scene. With all this influence, it was just a matter of time before he branched out and started producing himself. It was the summer of 2018 that changed everything, when he began to produce, after seeing a YouTube video and the rest is history.

Although he’s new to the scene, you would think he had been producing for years on end and his latest single ‘Hold On To Me’ proves that. Producing and singing, he can truly do it all and this track shows off his skills perfectly. As soon as the track starts, you can not only hear but deeply feel the emotion that he conveys within the lyrics he has written and sings with such perfection. You wouldn’t think that he’s only in his first couple of years of establishing himself as a producer but it proves that he has the massive amounts of talent to make it within this industry.

Managing to mix emotive pop vocals with infectiously catchy electronic beats, ‘Hold On To Me’ – which is out now on the popular record label DRIPPING IN ROSES – will get stuck in your head without a doubt, and will leave you wanting more from this young talent. Listen to the track below, and follow Dust of Apollon on Spotify here.

Image Credit: Julius Schulze

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