Young Saints

Fonsi Nieto – We Are The Universe (Young Saints Remix)

Rising through the ranks of the electronic music scene in Spain, the producer duo Young Saints has gained a lot of recognition and appraisal through their enthralling remixes and electrifying collaborations. Having released their stuff on renowned Spanish labels including Clipper’s Sounds, they are regarded as one of the top emerging local talents. After a thrilling start to the year which saw them being nominated at AMAS Prizes (largest music competition around Spain), the duo has just stepped up their future bass game with a remix of Fonsi Niesto’s We Are The Universe.

After winning the remix contest for We Are The Universe, Young Saints have gained the support of top-notch artists like Subshock & Evangelos, PMP, Fight Clvb, and The Zombie Kids. Starting off with a break inspired by the highly inspiring vocals from the original and a soft catchy guitar-based melody, the first drop of the remix depicts the characteristic future bass sounds that made us fall in love with the genre at the first place.

After the intense second break, the track builds up much more energetically to make way for a dubstep-oriented second drop, making it perfect for all the headbangers out there. With this remix and the release of their “Changes” EP, the duo has proved why they are respected so much in Spain and why they deserve more appreciation on the international level.

Image Credit: Young Saints (Official Press Photo)

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