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Ghost Underground: filling the void for underground house enthusiasts

Ghost Production has been a constant matter of discussion and controversy over the past few years in the electronic music industry. With the evolution of the industry, platforms related to ghost production have grown in considerable proportions, with dozens of them offering genre-specific tracks along with everything else needed to market them. Today, we are going to have a look at one of the leading ghost production platforms: Ghost Underground.

For starters, Ghost Underground supplies varied styles of House ranging from Jacking, Deep, Garage, Tech, and plenty of others pertaining to the scene. The site was created and designed by long-running House producer, CEV’s who has been signed to Nervous Records, King Street, and many other top standing labels. His goal – to help struggling producers and DJs who are involved in the underground House music scene. In fact, the platform aims at emboldening the producers’ talents (making an earning) and helping DJ’s and struggling producers, build a name for themselves, claiming their own tracks to share with their fans.

If that wasn’t enough, they also offer a broad range of services including – Ghost Productions, Sample packs, Custom ghosting, inspiration kits, mixing and mastering, and various Ghost packages. One can choose between three: Basic: Mixdown & master, Standard: Mixdown, master, stems, Midi, Premium: Mixdown, Master, Stems, Midi, and Project Daw files.

While some of us might question the ethics behind an art like ghost production, it would be worthy to mention that it is helping many independent composers and musicians to make a living, and eventually, they earn much more with “ghost producing” than through their own albums or EPs, the benefits of which largely go to the distribution/production network. At this point in time, we all have a question to answer – Is Ghost Production a necessary Evil?

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