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Giolì & Assia – Live electronic music’s trailblazing duo [Magazine Exclusive]

With the vast part of 2020’s event calendar obliterated by the ominous Coronavirus pandemic, partying has shifted to a new, virtual experience that has been widely accepted and appreciated. This extends beyond your standard DJ sets to an array of creative electronic performances that have pushed the boundaries on every level. However, for some artists, these types of innovative and unique performances were simply the norm even before the lockdowns ensued. Italian female duo Giolì & Assia not only fit that category, but lead it with true conviction. Bringing their fluid combination of live instruments, vocals, and DJing, the pairing of Giorgia “Giolì” Lipari and Assia Nania have hit the electronic scene with a bang in recent years.

Famed for their #DiesisLive sets in breathtaking locations, the two are trailblazing their own blend of DJing and live elements at only the highest standard. Their label – Diesis Records – carries that standard, as do their two albums – ‘Instantanee’ and ‘Night Experience’ – both released back in 2018. Leading the live scene with power and finesse, Giolì & Assia recently landed on Ultra Records, signing an exclusive EP, with the first track having landed on July 24th. We Rave You recently spoke to the most in-demand live act in the scene right now to find out exactly what to expect from the two in the coming months.

Giolì & Assia, it is a great pleasure to talk to you today! A crazy year so far for everyone, but 2020 looks like it might be heading for more positive times now. How have things been for you at home in Italy?

Hi everyone and thanks We Rave You for having us! Yes, it has definitely been a crazy year so far, especially for music industry people like us, who live thanks to live events and shows. Italy was one of the first countries that had to deal with the virus. We started our lockdown in March and we were really



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