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Kennedy One – Metropolis (Album)

Kennedy One completed one of the biggest and most ambitious projects of his career so far with the massive release of his debut album ‘Metropolis‘ last June. One compilation that is opening the doors of the electronic music scene spotlight for him.

Neil Kennedy, artistically known as Kennedy One, is an electronic music multi-instrumentalist and producer that stands out for producing great cinematic songs. Starting at a very young age, played around with pretty much every music tool he got in his hands. He started recording at his home with an improvised studio he set up using two-track reel-to-reel machines. After a lot of practice and work he perfected his abilities, which led him to kickstart his professional career as a ghost-writer for different companies selling music licensing libraries. Furthermore, he also ghost-produced for different artists, which songs were on to become radio hits.

Now, he decided to focus on his solo career as an artist and what a way to debut… On June 5th, Kennedy debuted with ‘Metropolis’, an 7-track album that showcases a perfect combination between emotional cinematic orchestral sounds with soft touches of downtempo, deep house and dark techno. An innovative mix that we had never heart of before that still sounds like heaven. A living proof that demonstrates that music production has no rules and no boundaries.

According to the artist, ‘Metropolis’ intends to deepen on the feeling of loneliness and the lonely journey that involves leaving the past behind in search of new purposes and goals in life:

‘I came up with the idea in Tokyo. Despite all of the people and sensory overload that is synonymous with the metropolis, the city itself can be quite lonely and isolating’

Listen to the full album ‘Metropolis’ by Kennedy One below. On another note, a limited run vinyl release of the album is coming out Aug 31, which is now available for pre-order here.

Image Credit: Kennedy One official Facebook page

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