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Kölsch reveals release date for new album ‘Now Here No Where’

Over the years, Danish producer Kölsch has released some incredible bodies of work. With multiple albums under his belt, he’s just revealed the exciting news that the next album titled  ‘Now Here No Where’ is due for release very soon, and we can’t wait for this to arrive.

Sure to be a masterpiece like his other bodies of work, he took to social media not long ago to reveal that the official release date of ‘Now Here No Where’ will be September 25 – just a month from now. This announcement shortly follows the release of his brand new EP ‘While Waiting For Something To Care About / Now Here No Where’ released on Kompakt Records, and these brilliant tracks will be heard in the album. Both tracks are injected with that classic Kölsch sound that we all know and love very well, and if they are any indicator as to what we can expect from the full-length album, then we know it will blow everyone away.

Stating that it is an album about hope, it details life in 2020 and focuses on the present. Asking himself the question “It is fascinating to write about memories and feelings that have had years to manifest and develop, but how would I approach current emotions?”, he explores many emotions and situations that 2020 has given us: confusion, misinformation and environmental changes above all else. Going deep, we can expect the tracks to also go deep too, and you can now pre-order a vinyl or CD copy of the album here as well as view the tracklist. In the meantime, listen to his new EP on Spotify below.



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