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MK sues management for $3.5 million for ‘unconscionable’ deal

Renowned American DJ and producer Marc Kinchen, or better known as MK, is suing Mark DavenportMDM Artists, and Marci Weber for deceiving him into an “unconscionable” agreement.

The suit states, according to Variety that MK “alleges that manager Mark Davenport tricked him into signing the deal during a surprise meeting at an airport after he had been up late drinking and performing at a show the previous night.” MK was rushed into signing the contract at that moment without his lawyer reviewing it beforehand. Kinchen’s lawyer stated:

“Even by the sometimes rough and tumble standards in the industry, MDM’s conduct was egregious and violative of industry norms — and it is ongoing.”

The contract locked Kinchen into Davenport’s management company, MDM Artists, for ten years. Part of the suit is based on an apparent violation of California’s “seven-year rule” which limits personal service contracts. The suit alleges:

“Defendants fraudulently duped MK into signing a wholly one-sided, unconscionable management agreement in which Defendants inserted a series of ‘automatic,’ irrevocable options.”

Moreover, “MDM Artists would be entitled to a cut of MK’s earnings on deals that are struck even after the contract was terminated.” MK and his legal team seek $1.5 million in commission and $2 million in damages. Undoubtedly, many artists are pulled into these types of contracts where they have zero control over their own art. Hopefully, MK will be able to have this contract voided and continue releasing incredible music. We will keep you updated on any news regarding the lawsuit.

H/T: Variety  Image Credit: Neil Favila / Provided by Falcon Publicity

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