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Nightclubs in Spain to be closed indefinitely due to new COVID-19 cases

The new surge of COVID-19 cases in Spain has led to all night-life venues to be closed after opening up with strict rules. From bars to nightclubs, Spain will not allow such businesses to open again until further notice. As it appears, the nightlife industry won’t see the light (or night) of 2020 again.

As of this article, Spain has reported 3,000 new cases a day. Many consider this the second wave to hit Europe, as in the United States is still trying to figure out wave one. Furthermore, Spain’s Health Minister has also prohibited smoking in the street within a two-meter radius of someone else. Also, new measures are put into place regarding restaurants and other people-heavy establishments:

  • Businesses will close at 1 AM, and businesses may not accept customers after 12 AM
  • All hotels, restaurants, terrace and beach bars require a 1.5-meter minimum distance between people
  • Maximum capacity for one group is 10 people

Unfortunately, this seems to be the trend for many countries around the world as new COVID-19 cases surge once again. The entertainment industry has taken a massive hit, as it was the first one to close down and will probably be the last one to open up again. These heavy measures are necessary to stop the spread of the novel virus, as Spain was one of the countries that got hit the worst back when the pandemic started.


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