Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson drops awe-inspiring new single ‘Mirror’

Announcing this just a day before the releasePorter Robinson is back in the full swing of his ‘Nurture’ era of music-making. Due to release the new album – his second ever full-length studio album – some time soon, fans and fellow producers within the scene have grown more and more excited with each single release. Joining ‘Get Your Wish’ and ‘Something Comforting’ is the newest track ‘Mirror’, and it’s a beauty to say the least.

Carrying on a significant style with this new album, he’s opted to utilise his vocal talents a lot more this time around than during the ‘Worlds’ album era, and fans are getting to see even more of his fantastic music capabilities. ‘Mirror’ is already proving to be a fan favourite, and although Porter Robinson himself said on his Twitter account that he feels this is a grower, it’s brilliant nonetheless. Emotions truly shine through on it, and it definitely sets the tone for what we can expect going into the rest of the ‘Nurture’ album. It isn’t just fans that are giving the track great reception though, with fellow producers loving it too. English producer Shadient tweeted Porter stating that this is the best song he’s ever made – and it sin’t hard to see why he would say that.

You can now listen to ‘Mirror’ in all of its glory on Spotify below.


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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