Time to mix it up: some of the best remixes to have ever been created

It’s always exciting when an artist we love puts their own spin on another, equally as great, artist’s track. Remixes offer fresh insight as to how a track can sound, and lets artists be truly creative and run wild with what they can offer in terms of production. The remix concept was made up in Jamaica in the dance culture of the late-1960s/early-1970s, but was truly born and bred in New York. Tom Moulton is a noteworthy figure who has been named as one of the influential people who created one of the first remixes ever, but the remix culture has been around for as long as people can remember. Ever since dance music exploded, remixes have been around and there’s plenty that people could argue to be ‘the greatest remix of all time’, but which remix would you give the crown to? In the spirit of looking back on what some of our favourite talented producers have remixed for us, we’re counting just a few remixes that could easily take the cake for the ‘greatest remix of all time’ (in no particular order!).


Nearing the 100 million views mark on YouTube and reaching over half a billion streams on Spotify, this remix is a great example of when a remix is arguably more popular than the original song itself. Released back in 2013, it became such an insanely popular cult classic and was also many people’s introduction to Flume as an artist. Still played out today like it’s a new track that everyone has just begun to obsess over, it hasn’t lost its charm over the years and has aged like fine wine.


Remixing ‘Levels’ back in 2011, it’s still a staple of Skrillex’s sets today, and you’ll no doubt hear roars of excitement when this one is dropped. Back when Avicii unfortunately passed away, Skrillex stated that he felt a deep connection with the Swedish artist through this track, which makes it all the more special. Of course, the original will always be unbeatable but this is the one remix that has been hailed as being on par with the original production, and that’s no easy feat to achieve.


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