Scaler 2

Why is Scaler 2 a must have plugin for electronic music producers

Music theory is definitely one of the most common bottlenecks of electronic music producers. Amateur music producers often tend to overlook the importance of it and are unable to make their tracks sound professional. There are tons of midi plugins/resources out there that help to create chord progressions, melodies, etc. Scaler 2 is one of those plugins and does quite a good job at it. Even in times of writer’s block Scaler 2 can be a quite helpful tool.

Scaler 2 comes in with more than 200 presets for chords, phrases & rhythms segregated on the basis of moods, genres, artists etc. The first step is defining the key and the scale. The plugin comes with the option of detecting or choosing from the list of scales. In detect mode, while you play on your midi keyboard the plugin identifies the key and the scale you are playing in. With that in place, the long list of chords and suggestions open up. Every chord is marked with a designated style to help you choose the chords that fit the mood you are aiming for. The list isn’t just limited to major and minor it goes into so many types of chords allowing you to play suspended, major/minor sevenths, diminished, augmented, and various different types of chords. You can add chords by clicking in the window or with the help of your midi keyboard. It makes it quite an easy process to lay down your chords. After selecting the chords it does provide you the option to invert or move it up/down octaves which we believe one of the most standout features of the plugin.

Also, the enormous list of presets designed by industry professionals including the likes of Carl Cox, MJ Cole & many others will inspire you in creating stunning chord progressions. Scaler 2 comes in at an affordable price of $59.00 and is worth the buck. Also, there is a trial version available to provide you a hands-on experience.


Also, here’s a short video briefing the features of the plugin.


Image Credits: Plugin Boutique

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