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Pioneer DJ launch HDJ-CUE1 headphones starting at £59

Pioneer DJ headphones are passing a 25-year milestone this year and 15 years of being independent of Pioneer Corporation. One of the gifts for dedicated users and fans of the company can certainly be the launching of a completely new model of headphones on the market, HDJ-CUE1. These styled DJ headphones are formed on DNA from Pioneer DJ’s pro models but are ready to buy at a much more cheap price, starting at £59.

While these section level jars are their most reasonable pair yet, they coordinate a significant number of the component and quality benchmarks set by the company’s expert earphones territory. Choosing the HDJ-CUE1 model you become a keeper of a product with pro look and quality, rich sound, snug, and adjustable design, and high-quality finish. It would be a sin not to mention their most important features, like:

  • High-Quality Sound – dynamic drivers empower you to feel the bass and hear mids and top of the line sounds with precious stone clearness, helping you to blend in with pinpoint exactness,
  • Comfortable Master-Level Design – ear cups rotating 90 degrees, bending & cushioned headband,
  • Customisable Multicolour Look – 5-colour cable and ear-pads accessory pack available in orange, yellow, green, blue, and pink.

Prices start at £59/$69 for wired models and end at £89 for HDJ-CUE1BT headphones, a wireless model. Headphones are available in four different color versions – dark silver, black, red, and white. More details, full specification, and where to buy HDJ-CUE1 & HDJ-CUE1BT headphones can be found here.

Image Credit: Arturo Rey on Unsplash

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