Switzerland is set to allow live events once again

Starting October 1st, Switzerland will allow events with over 1,000 people to take place. Under strict measures, people will be allowed to return to some sort of “normal.” Europe’s eighth-largest live music market will be a test to see if the live-music industry can return.

Any live music event that is set to occur in Switzerland needs to be approved by its 26 semi-autonomous member states (cantons). Depending on where the event takes place, local leaders will have to evaluate and take into consideration local infection rates. Switzerland’s Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) is tasked with working alongside the states provide a set guideline for approving major events by September 2. The head of the FDHA stated,

“We need personal responsibility now more than ever. The federal government will now work out the exact conditions for the approval of major events, together with the cantons.”

Stefan Breitenmoser, managing director of the Swiss Music Promoters’ Association also stated,

“Something like normality will only occur in our industry towards the middle, or even the end, of 2021.”

With 200 daily cases, Switzerland will be under the music industry’s radar as it will be ultimately a test. Even though Switzerland has not eradicated COVID-19 like New Zealand, they will take the first steps for live events to occur once again.

H/T: IQ Mag | Image Credit: Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash

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