Ten Walls delivers new album ‘Lights For The Dreams’: Listen

Lithuanian producer Ten Walls has dropped refreshing new music on his recent, all-encompassing techno album titled ‘Light For The Dreams’.

The eclectic 9-track collection arrives as his second studio album, following up his first ‘Queen’ released back in 2017. Through ‘Light For The Dreams’ its clear that Marijus Adomaitis (Ten Walls’ real name) has drawn upon a number of different and unconventional influences when working on his new productions. As sophisticated, meticulous and as technical as ever in the studio, the 37 year-old has marvellously crafted an album teeming with different textures and themes from one track to the next. The majority the album remains uptempo, exploring irresistible rhythms in ‘Halo’, groovy arpeggios within ‘Daily Rehearsal’ and colourful atmospheres on ‘Jorge’. The album also dabbles in the deeper and darker tones of techno in tracks such as ‘Dungeons’ before finding respite with lighter works such as ‘Loot’.

Interestingly, this new music has been inspired by a fantastical sci-fi video game called ‘Moonray’ that has used part of this album in its soundtrack. Only upon listening to the it, can you really begin to imagine the creative processes behind such a wonderfully diverse project designed with both fans and gamers in mind. Be sure to check out the new Ten Walls album, ‘Light For The Dreams’ below!

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