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The electronic music industry’s most iconic melodies [Magazine Editorial]

Many of the world’s most iconic tracks have achieved tremendous success due to the complexity and addictive quality of their melodies. Within electronic music especially, the melody is the heartbeat of any track. It can make or break the popularity of any release, and it can prove addictive enough that listeners will recognise it for years to come. While the industry is filled with magical melodies that have charmed music-lovers over the years, there are very few melodies that have proven to be timeless, and continue to make an impact years after they are first heard. Let’s relive some of the melodies that have shaped electronic music over the last few decades.

Avicii – Levels

The success of ‘Levels’ and its addictive quality is something which cannot be debated. The track paved the way for a generation of producers and blurred the line between dance music and the mainstream chart. Although ‘Levels’ achieved a staggering level of success around the time of its release, this success has grown over time. When Avicii passed in 2018, the track evolved, becoming a beautiful reminder of one of the greatest and most talented artists the music industry has ever seen. Undoubtedly, it is the track’s easily recognisable melody that sets it apart, placing it in the hall of fame as one of the greatest melodic achievements ever known.

Eric Prydz – Opus

The intoxicating melodic build-up followed by the explosive unravelling earns ‘Opus’ its position amongst the greatest electronic melodies of all time. A universal language that speaks to so many across multiple genres, the track has become a staple amongst fans and is globally revered as Eric Prydz’s masterpiece. As a genre, dance music sees a very high-paced release schedule, with artists dropping track after track, but very few of these tracks achieve iconic status. ‘Opus’ is undoubtedly a universally-known and celebrated track that has earned its place atop the hall of fame due to its hypnotic melody.

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