September 2020

Virtual Riot is one of the most talented young producers representing dubstep and riddim scene. Coming from Germany, the 26-year-old is one of the few dubstep faces (if not the only one!)  - thanks to his amazing production and sound design skills - that has recently collaborated with one and only Skrillex and has an unreleased, but confirmed, a joint

Genre-fusion is a remarkably complex thing to execute within electronic music production. Many artists attempt the combination of two or more genres to create their own blend of popularised sounds, but the end result is not always up to scratch and can often be experimental. However, one producer that is a certified expert at blending genres - specifically techno, progressive,

The collaborative dream team that is Armin van Buuren and AVIRA strikes again. After starting their joint journey with 'Hollow' (feat. Be No Rain)' and following suit with the breathtaking 'Illusion' about six weeks later, the Dutch electronic music mogul and Canadian creator laid the final piece of the puzzle with 'Mask' (feat. Sam Martin)', the final track of the

UK & Chicago based duo of Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson Scott a.k.a Gorgon City, have become known for their addictive take on bass driven vocal and deep house.  They have carved out a distinct and instantly recognisable sound after producing a string of chart hits and underground dance floor moments. With over 1.4 billion global streams to their name and over 9 million singles sold across their career,

Bougenvilla (real names Jeremy and Shefida) have been cooking up dancefloor hits for the past few years and have released insane tracks such as 'Utami', 'Voodooz', and 'Kendari'. Their latest release is an anthemic new groove with fellow producer Mairee entitled 'Somebody To Love'. The pair came to an ultimate collaboration after having exchanges via Instagram. Bougenvilla was so impressed with Mairee's

The owners of the already closed iconic Berlin club Griessmuehle have unveiled the opening of a new venue called Revier Südost, which will take place in the former Bärenquell brewery located in Niederschöneweide; a small locality in the outskirts of the German capital city. Griessmuehle opened its doors back in 2011 in a former pasta factory. They had the mission to eventually

The Avalanches have just dropped two brand new tracks ahead of their forthcoming album. The Avalanches (real names Robbie Chater and Tony Di Blasi), hailing from Melbourne, Australia, have made their rounds recently by announcing they have enlisted upon the help of an astronomer to release new music earlier this summer, and have also teamed up with skateboard legend Tony Hawk

In the wake of the devastating loss of front-man Keith Flint in March 2019, seminal electronic group The Prodigy have been quiet on the musical front, not least because they lost one of their members, but also because they lost a close friend. It remained to be seen whether they'd continue as a group in the future, but now they've

Can you believe it's been ten whole years since we've had new music from Pendulum? The Australian trio left us with the 'Immersion' album last time we heard from them, but were due to go on a series of live shows once again with their Trinity show concept during the 2020 festival circuit before everything was sadly cancelled. Rumours of new music