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6 reasons to buy bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers are meant to be mounted on a stand, placed on a shelf, table or other elevated surfaces but not on the floor. They usually go as two-way or three-way models, consisting of a tweeter and small midbass driver (or drivers).

They are designed to fill small and mid-sized rooms with sound. However, some advanced models may sound powerful and loud enough even in larger spaced despite their small dimensions. You also can buy more than one pair of bookshelf speakers to ensure a room-filling sound in a big room, so there are almost no limits.

However, there are much more reasons why bookshelf speakers are worth your attention. Read the next paragraphs and find out what they are. In the case if you are already interested in the purchase, you may want to read some review searching for the best bookshelf speakers under 1000 dollars.

1.  They have portable dimensions

Of course, this is the most obvious reason. Just because they are called “bookshelf speakers”, it doesn’t mean that they must be placed on a shelf. Some models are so tiny that will easily fit in the smallest spaces of your room or kitchen, for example. Their portability also allows you to frequently rearrange them, and even carry them with you anywhere. Some models may even be powered not only by electricity, but by batteries as well. However, if you need some more power from your speakers, there are also some larger models (that will still be smaller than any tower speakers).

2.  They can complete or improve your home theater system

Most high-quality home theater systems incorporate bookshelf speakers. However, if buying the whole system is not in your budget, you can buy a pair of bookshelf speakers as a stand-alone addition to your home theater. If you make the right choice, such addition will significantly improve the audio reproduction, adding some bang to music and movies.

3.  They are more affordable

Due to their compact dimensions, the bookshelf speakers cost less in comparison with tower speakers. For example, if we take bookshelf and tower speakers from the same, premium line, the first ones will cost several times less than the second ones while having the components of the same quality inside. Thus, you will get the same, audiophile-quality sound for much lower price (just not so loud and powerful). Alternatively, soundbars are also available at cheaper price points. You can actually get pretty good soundbars that cost less than 100 dollars in the market.

4.  They have more design options

Of course, it’s not hard to find any kind of speakers in various designs. However, bookshelf speakers just can offer some more variants in this case so you have more chances that you will find the model that will match the interior of your room. If matching designs is not an essential thing for you, you can turn your attention to some creative, and even custom-made designs. This means that you can choose not only from models of different styles (vintage, futuristic, etc.), but also from models of different shapes. In the case if you are searching for speakers for gaming purposes, you can choose a model with gaming design that will give you some gaming vibes.

5.  They frequently come in a set with a separate subwoofer

In most cases, the bookshelf speakers don’t come with any low frequency drivers inside of their cabinet as it would make them heavy and bulky. That is why nowadays it’s not hard to find bookshelf speakers that come in a set with an external subwoofer. This appears to be much more beneficial than buying a sub separately. In addition, a separate subwoofer usually does a better job in providing deep bass than the one built into the cabinet of tower speakers.

6.  They can be active or passive

The floorstanding speakers are almost always passive. The bookshelf models give you a free choice between active and passive speakers. This means that you won’t have to buy and install a power amplifier separately if you don’t want to, choosing an active model.

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