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Avicii: His Top 10 most underrated songs [Editorial]

The unfortunate demise of the legendary Swedish producer and DJ Avicii was one of the most tragic incidents in the history of electronic music. Having served as the inspiration for a lot of musicians across the globe, he had this magical ability to breathe life into anyone who came across his euphoric melodies and astonishing productions. The artist is deservedly considered one of the greatest producers of all time and as it turns out, today’s date would have marked his 31st birthday. As a tribute to his legacy, we are counting down some of Avicii’s underrated gems that were overshadowed by the success of his other chart-topping hits.

10. Friend of Mine (Avicii ft. Vargas & Lagola) – [Avīci (01)]

This masterpiece from Avicii’s last EP before his death deserves a lot more appreciation than it has originally received. This intriguing feel-good record signifies the artist’s attempt at keeping us all amazed through his fresh new styles. It also features a heartwarming music video where a couple’s love spans over a few decades with a major plot twist in the end.

9. All You Need is Love [True]

At #9, we have this lesser-known yet incredibly pleasing record that was bound to be sidelined with some of the other hits from Avicii’s debut album True. In fact, this list is going to contain a few more tracks from the album, so be on the lookout.

8. You Be Love – [Avīci (01)]

Another feature from his comeback EP released in 2017, You Be Love perfectly blends acoustic elements with Avicii’s unique electronic sound. Accompanied by Billy Raffoul, a rock and roll vocalist, the track was full of emotion and also had a 3D minimalistic video for it.

7. Broken Arrows – [Stories]

At number 6, we have this sensational record from Tim’s second studio album – Stories. While some might argue that the best part about the track was its vocals, and with some fascinating lyrics like – “And sometimes you lose it, sometimes you’re shooting Broken arrows in the dark But I, I see the hope in your heart”, this might be true indeed. But there’s no way you can undermine Avicii’s characteristic sounds that embrace it.

6. Hope There’s Someone [True]

For Antony and the Johnsons’ track ‘Hope There’s Someone’ Avicii created a cover as well as a remix. After previously covering the song on a Swedish TV competition, Linnea Henriksson delivered a fascinating vocal performance. By combining both older versions of the track, Avicii was able to make an incredible remix with a strong emotional appeal.

5. Avicii vs Conard Sewell – Taste The Feeling

A lot of you might not be familiar with the fact that Avicii worked with the commercial soft drink giants Coca Cola for their commercials. As a part of that project, he created this rework of Conard Sewell’s Taste the Feeling that often gets stuck in our heads whenever you hear about Coca Cola.

4. Liar Liar (Avicii by Avicii Remix) [True]

Yet another track from True that was sidelined amidst the huge buzz around tracks like Wake Me Up and Waiting For Love. But it is too good to be completely ignored – it builds up in pure Avicii style with uplifting melodies and blissful vibes that bring back that old summer feeling.

3. Daft Punk – Derezzed (Avicii “So Amazing Mix”)

Avicii had made this entire song even before he was contacted to make a remix but was only missing an arp, which he got by speeding up the melody of the original Derezzed. A couple of years later, he took the vocals from one of the other tracks that he had released for free – “Three Million,” and as a result, another masterpiece was born.

2. Sunshine (Avicii ft. David Guetta)

We have all seen the way Tim and David Guetta blazed the electronic music scene through their mouthwatering collab Lovers On The Sun. But not many of us know that the two also came together for this delightful record way back in 2011. The track oscillates between steady house elements and extended house elements fused with the characteristic sounds of both the artists. If you loved the artist when he was just hitting his stride, then you’ll surely love this track.

1. Dear Boy – [True]

The intensity of MØ on the vocals of this track was certainly a highlight along with Avicii’s creative brilliance. It might be difficult for many of you to believe this but Dear Boy was considered as the fan-favorite track from True back in the day and it was written way before he worked on any other tracks from the LP. So it deserves at least as much recognition and appraisal as his other hits like Wake Me Up, Levels, etc., if not more.

This list features nothing but the personal opinion of the writer. Feel free to differ and let us know your thoughts about the top underrated tracks from Avicii.

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