Bougenvilla & Mairee – Somebody To Love

Bougenvilla (real names Jeremy and Shefida) have been cooking up dancefloor hits for the past few years and have released insane tracks such as ‘Utami’, ‘Voodooz’, and ‘Kendari’. Their latest release is an anthemic new groove with fellow producer Mairee entitled ‘Somebody To Love’.

The pair came to an ultimate collaboration after having exchanges via Instagram. Bougenvilla was so impressed with Mairee’s work, the trio began working together almost instantly. Things came to a halt when Mairee was in a serious car accident leaving him wheelchair-bound for a few months, but Bougenvilla came to his support and took over his live shows while he was still recovering. Mairee, thankfully, has made a full recovery and is back to “his old self”. During the hiatus, Bougenvilla and Mairee managed to work on additional tracks, making ‘Somebody To Love’ the first of potentially many new songs from the pair.

The track opens up with an extremely unique synth and melody along with beautiful vocals that sit perfectly within the mix. The drop features bits and pieces of the vocal melody along with that unique synth repeating the pattern of the vocal along with a jumpy bassline to fill the gaps between the drum hits. This song is a sure-fire dancefloor anthem that will have you singing along and moving your feet at the same time.

Listen to Bougenvilla & Mairee’s new song ‘Somebody To Love’ below:

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Image Credit: Bougenvilla (Press)