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Carl Cox reveals he has been working on his own book

British house and techno legend Carl Cox has revealed he has been working on his own book.

The title, ‘Oh Yes, Oh Yes’, would have been scheduled for release this month, but the pandemic has meant he has decided to delay its release until people are able to go and purchase physical copies of the book. Cox also revealed that he had worked on it alongside his tour manager Ian Hussey, in order to accurately detail stories from his long and illustrious career in dance music.

The exciting news was unveiled in one of the latest episodes of Dubfire’s ‘DJs and Beers’ streaming series, which featured conversations between the man in question and other DJs Chris Liebing, Dubfire, Matt Edwards, and Truncate.

Speaking about the upcoming publication with his peers, Cox unraveled his initial plans for the book;  “We’d actually written the book before the pandemic. But we put a hold on it, because the book isn’t finished yet. There’s still so much story to tell. What happened afterwards with my family, where I am at, the scene itself, what’s going to happen in the future.”

Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on copies as soon as the pandemic eases, so we can treat ourselves with an insight into the dazzling career of one of the industries best personalities, DJs and producers.

Skip to 02:05:00 in the video below to hear more about the upcoming Carl Cox book, ‘Oh Yes, Oh Yes’!


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