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Don Diablo kicks off One World Radio’s Sunday Morning Playlist

The globally renowned future house maestro and entrepreneur Don Diablo kicked off the brand new weekly podcast called Sunday Morning Playlist by One World Radio on an emotional level where he talked about his unique and surprisingly eclectic selection. Well, that exactly is the whole point of this podcast where every Sunday morning a friend of Tomorrowland will share his/her Sunday Morning Playlist with the people while diving deeper into the personal stories behind 10 different tracks and talking about what each song means for him/her.

The unique podcast show will be aired every Sunday at 11:30 CEST on One World Radio, featuring a central guest artist who will give us a unique insight, track by track, into his/her life and Sunday morning routine. Every track will be in the playlist for a reason, from favourite songs to wake up to, groovy sunrise tracks to go-to hangover tunes and all-time classics – giving artists the opportunity to showcase a different side of themselves and their taste in music.

Don Diablo got really deep and opened up on life during the show, showcasing his vulnerable side and gave us all a closer and intimate look into his past, present and future.

Here’s what the artist had to say about his comprehensive selection for this opening set for the podcast –

“This [Johnny Cash – Hurt] is a record that gets me going emotionally. I can really relate to this song because sometimes it feels like everything I’m building is worthless. Like why am I working so hard for something that might disappear at the end of time? It really hits me, because Johnny Cash is such a legend, seeing him sing this song and being so fragile and open, and it definitely had a big impact on the way I share music with the world. This track is life-changing for me personally – there were moments I listened to this song on loop for like 100 times.”

The artist also appreciated the iconic musical group Massive Attack and expressed his fondness for their nostalgic masterpiece – Unfinished Symphony. We got to see a deeper side from him and the podcast definitely served its purpose on the opening day. Go check out Don Diablo’s Sunday Morning Playlist here

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